Monday, April 19, 2010

Doing My (Army) Wifely Duty

Today I went to a Change of Command Ceremony for my husband's company. They got a new Commander. The departing one is going to a different company, same Battalion.

Quick review, this is how the army breaks down


Anyway, I had received an email about this ceremony a few days ago, but did not plan to attend as I work while it was being held. However, 2 of the grades I work with had field trips today.

First there was some confusion as to when the ceremony was taking place. TJ said 9 am this morning. I planned to ask if I could leave after door duty to attend. I checked my email, though and saw that it said 1pm. I asked TJ to confirm. His sergeant wasn't even sure!! I went about my morning and discovered at 9:30 I had missed a text from TJ saying the ceremony would be starting any time. Well, obviously I had missed it(or so I thought). I let my boss know I would not be leaving(because I had mentioned it may be in the afternoon).

So then at 12 while I was out getting lunch(because I forgot to order I discovered I had another text saying the ceremony was at 1 pm!! So I went back to work and explained to my boss what was going on and she graciously allowed me to leave for a couple hours(because she understands the uncertainty of army life) to attend.

So I get there. And I have another text saying my husband won't be there because he was out dispatching a truck. Well great. It also seemed a bit disorganized to me as there were soldiers just standing around (until a good chunk were called to get in formation)and there were supposedly supposed to be ushers, but no one ever sat me, but I did get a program once I sat down.

The ceremony was not very long, which was nice, and I got back to school in plenty of time.

I guess you are probably wondering why I even bothered going? Well, I will tell you. It was to support my husband. Even though he was not there, his NCO's were. First sergeant who knows me saw me. There were a total(including me) of 6 wives there. 2 were the wives of the outgoing and incoming commanders. One was 1st Lieutenants wife and I am not sure of the other2, but I believe they were officer wives. Which means I was the only non-officer wife there. Or lower than NCO rank wife there. Do you know GOOD that looks for my husband????? Plus, I believe the sergeants know I normally work. So to see a wife who normally has to work show up to support her husband(and the company) when he isn't even there reflects very well on the soldier. And most things that we do as wives do reflect on our soldiers so this was a very good decision on my part.

There is a Battalion change of command next week. I am debating going to that one. It is bigger(more people involved), but none of my grades have field trips that day.

Now if they do the Cavalry Charge, then that is a whole different matter!!


Carrie said...

Good for you, supporting your man. ;) I would probably have been nervous attending something like that alone. I'm just weird like that though.

Robyn :) said...

I was when I got there. I thought there would be at least one other person I would know. It's kind of sad, really, as this is something of major importance that affects our soldiers. I hope there is a better showing of wives at the Battalion Change of Command.

Amanda said...

I don't think I have ever been to one and I don't think i ever will. They change command so much that not many people go. I am glad you had a good time :o) All it really is for is saying bye bye to the old command and hello to the new lol

Robyn :) said...

I just like ceremony :) Amanda, if you ever get a chance to go to a division level one here I recommend it for one reason -- Cavalry Charge!!