Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Weekend Road Trip

TJ and I took advantage of the 4-day weekend(3 1/2 for me) by taking a little road trip. We had to pick up carpet at Nebraska Furniture Market so we headed there first. Of course we had to make a pit stop in Topeka for cupcakes! And we got McD's for lunch on the Turnpike. Then we went to NFM.

I wanted to browse around before we got our carpet. Right away I ended up finding a free standing jewelry armoire for only $30.00!! It was supposed to be ready to assemble, but they only had the floor model left so we don't have to put it together!

After getting that and our carpet we headed down to Grandview, MONTH to visit Gail's HD. Where we bought TJ's motorcycle. He got a t-shirt and a pin there. Then we came back over the border into Kansas to Overland Park for some shopping. That is the place to go for shopping in Northeast Kansas! We went to Archivers Scrapbook store, which TJ pronounced the biggest Scrapbook store he had ever seen. Then we went to the mall. We made a bunny at Build A Bear for Easter and took forever agreeing on an outfit. I also got 2 books and a magazine at Barnes and Noble using the gift card I gave my mom for her birthday last year which she never used. TJ got a belt at Hot Topic and I got Hello Kitty Ears. Then we had dinner at TGIFridays, which neither of us had been to in years.

Next we headed back to Topeka to spend the night at Holiday Inn. I had packed my hot pink travel bag with toiletries and bathing suits in case we decided to do this. It has an indoor pool and waterslide. I was too chicken to go on the sliden but TJ did it twice. We enjoyed the warm pool and hot tub and sitting poolside at 8pm at night! The room was nice with a bed and couch and lots of TV channels and I got a good night's sleep and even woke up early!

We had breakfast in the hotel and then headed over to Topeka HD where I am writing this right now! TJ is contemplating going on a demo ride. Then we are heading over to the mall to look for long shirts and capris. Then it is back home because I have a party to attend this afternoon!

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