Monday, April 26, 2010

The FRG and Me

We had another FRG meeting tonight. It ran a litle long and was a bit boring, though informative. It was boring because it was stuff I knew already. It picked up at the end, though.

Anyway, apparently there is a new directive from the "top"(not sure they mean the top of this post or the army in general) that says all FRg meetings must include a class. Yeah, that will really get people coming!! LOL Anyway, the new Commander(whom I am liking)and the 1st Sgt(whom I have known and do like) said they will begin doing these and they will be short. Let's hope!

Anyway, tonight's class was on the structure of the FRG as well as what it is and isn't. Basically, it is a support and information system. It is not, among other things, a babysitting service, financial institution or taxi service(I will have another post to explore those things and my opinions more in depth). I hope that was enlightening or helpful news to others. For me, I already knew that.

Anyway, we also ended up getting a new FRG leader. The former had resigned and 1st sergeant was advising the soldiers to talk to their wives when one that was there enthusiastically volunteered. She seems really nice so I am excited :)

I, however, have given up one of my positions and that is the Key Caller one. I still want to be hospitality chair because that is where we can let knew people know they are welcome and give them the info they need, as well as make exisiting spouses feel that they are special and a valuable part of the unit. Drama free. This is what is near and dear to my heart.

I originally wanted to do the Key Caller position for the same reasons. To make people feel welcome and give them someone they can turn to for support as I did not have that when I first came here. I volunteered for that position way back in early Fall. Circumstances have arisen since then(like my mom dying) that made me rethink wanting or even feeling like I was good for the position. The basic duty of the Key Caller is to give information to the people on their list as it becomes available to them from the FRG leader as well as check on their assigned families to see how they are doing and identifying needs. They are also the first line of contact when those people on their lists have a problem. This where I had second thoughts. Recently I had a non FRG related incident that basically taught me what my limits in dealing with drama is. Basically I do not have the energy or patience for it. Unless you are family or a close friend.

Also, I felt like I did not have the time to devote to the position. Not that it takes too much time, but I do have my job and a home I can never seem to keep up with and those things take priority in my life. I felt like I could not make the position a priority and that isn't fair. So that is why I asked to give it up.

I do want to be involved in the FRG in other ways such as the hospitality chair and helping out at fundraisers. I like the direction that our leaders want to take the FRG. I just didn't feel like I could do the job I asked for properly.

In other news, deployment is still expected at the same time we were told previously and block leave will be during a 20 something day span prior. I forgot to ask(and no one else thought of it either) about NTC(National Training Center). Maybe next time.

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