Sunday, April 18, 2010

Getting My Design On

Recently I have been on an interior designing kick. I think watching all those episodes of Movin Up on Sunday mornings when I should have been at church finally got to me. I am on a mission to get my house not only in order, but looking fabulous and put together.

My main project right now is the livingroom. I have gotten a lot done, especially with the addition of our reclining couch and area rug. Soon there will be curtains. I also found some cool fabric yesterday at JoAnn's to use on the top of the couch for Scout to sit on. For the Spring and Summer I am using a lemon print that looks very 70's and come Fall I have a flower print. I asked a friend from church(who also happens to be our neighbor AND her husband is in the same company as TJ, but a medic) if she could help me cut the fabric(I can't cut straight) and not only did she do that, she also offered to sew up the edges with her sewing surger. She invited me to sew with her sometime(she has an awesome sewing room) and I think I am going to take her up on it so I can make some seat cushions for the new plastic patio chairs I bought($7.00 each at Big Lots). I have my eye on some really cute fabric at Hobby Lobby.

My secondary project is the bedroom. I am going from green and rose to green and blue. I have been obsessively collecting paint cards at Home Depot and Walmart to decide which hues of blue I want(and will match what I already have). An upcoming project I want to do is paint my bedside table. I need to find the right color, though. I am also planning on spray painting some frames and have the color already -- Aqua Mist. I found some more cute fabric and am attempting to make a decorative pillow from it. The leftover will go to cover the bedside table top and a dresser.

The third project will be the craft room. This may be the most ambitious. I am planning to paint a large bookshelf and a desk hutch. I also am thinking about making some curtains for this room. This room will also be getting all "new' furniture when I bring my stuff back from California. I will be waiting until summer vacation to do the painting.

I am also going to paint my computer desk in the livingroom PLUS a couple other pieces for the office area. Probably in orange. It's such a cheery color and is one of my livingroom accent colors!!

First I need to get the house cleaned up though. And I will, slowly, but surely.

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