Friday, April 30, 2010

Magic, Maintenance Guy and Mother's Day

Just a little recap of yesterday and today.

I went to a jewelry party yesterday. My friend, Bren, who sells Premier(that's how I met her, she was doing a show at my neighbor's) had a mystery hostess show. She lives in a small town about 30-45 minutes from here. I took a different, faster route and it was really nice. Vry windy yesterday, though. Anyway, while looking through the catalog I saw a ring Ihave not noticed before. It was a pearl on a few cubic zirconias. Iordered one for myself to wear next to my dad's wedding band. It reminded me of my mom. Her (and my dad's) birthstone is pearl and she really liked them. That was a mother's day gift to myself since I did not have my mom to buy for.

Last night we discovered that our air conditioning was not working. More accurately, the digital thermostat was not working. The battery went out(we thought). When that goes there is nothing to trigger the unit. We decided to wait until morning to call maintenance. I wished that our friend, Dennis, who used to be one of our maintenance guys was still in our housing area. When he fixed things they worked!! We actually had had the battery replaced not that long ago. In fact, Dennis had had to go in after and make sure everything was tightened right.

So, this morning, Dennis came to drop his kids off(the kids I take to school) and I mentioned it not working. He went over to look at it and wouldn't you know the thing was working?! Seriously, he is so good that just by walking in my house things work!! It is magic. He looked at it anyway and said it may have been that the springs were loose and the batteries were not connecting. He showed me how to check it and fix it for next time :)

When I came home from work today I planted some flower seeds and also went to housing to get some grass seed, which I put down, and some flowers to transplant. Then TJ and I went to the Chinese buffet for dinner and then I went to a home show next door. Then I came home and packed up my scrapbooking stuff for Sunday's crop. Tomorrow we are going to Topeka so TJ can demo ride some motorcycles and I can shop. We will spend the night at the Holiday Inn (where the crop will be) with the indoor pool and slide :) I am excited. I even found online that topeka has a farmer's market downtown on Saturdays!!!

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