Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Thoughts on What the FRG Isn't

So, 2 posts ago(I snuck another one in early this morning!!) I talked about the FRg meeting I went to last night and how they discussed the structure of FRG and what it was and wasn't. I would like to address what it isn't and how that relates to me.

The number one thing they said it isn't is a babysitting service. Amen to that. There are only about 4 kids that I will babysit at this time. They are kids I know and am comfortable taking care of on my own. They are also not babies. I am not comfortable taking care of babies on my own as I have not had much experience with them. I think that once I have my own this will change. I am also all for exchanging babysitting services when I have my own kids, but for now I will only babysit those 4 kids. The post also offers free babysitting services when your spouse is deployed. 2 Friday nights a month and 2 Saturdays!!

Number two, FRG is not a taxi service. Thank you. Now, I am usually up for a drive to the big cities like Topeka, KC and even Wichita and will happily volunteer to take people there, but not when I have to work or late at night(especially if I have to work the next day!!). I think it is also important to note that while he is here, my husband is not a taxi service either. Which means he is not obligated to come and pick up drunk people in Aggieville because they forgot to bring money for or are too lazy to wait for a taxi. The post also offers a shuttle now for that purpose. I don't mind him helping a fellow soldier out once in awhile, but if ti becomes a habit(like it has in the past) there are going to be problems.

Number 3, FRG is not a financial institution. Yeah, it does not lend money. Neither should it's members. TJ and I had a bad experience in the past and I absolutely will not lend people money. I don't mind a twenty here or there, but if it becomes a habit I will not do it(unless you have a history of paying me back promptly). I absolutely will not lend a large sum of money, either.

Those were the 3 big ones in my opinion. And those are my opinions on them :)

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