Monday, April 5, 2010

Ode to a Bread Machine

Yesterday I freed up a good chunk of counter space by removing my bread achine and today I gave it away to my friend, Donna. Actually, I traded it. She gave me a plastic rolling craft tote a couple weeks back. I needed that much more and it has actually already gotten some use.

Which is more than I can say for the bread machine. You see, a few years ago I got it in my head that really needed one. I don't know if I had visions of making my own tasty bread or if I thought every good Mormon should have one(that darn LDS cultural thing again). In any case, that is what I told my mother in law I wanted for Christmas back in 2006 and she sent me the money to buy one. So I did. I think it stayed in the box for bout 3 months while I still lived in the trailer. It spent the next 3 years on the countertops of both my apartment house and this house on post. It NEVER got used. I even bought yeast for it, but, alas, I was never motivated to make bread. I kept telling myself that SOMEDAY I would use it, but I began to realize it was just taking up space on the counter. I did set packages of store bought bread on top of it. That is the only bread related thing it did -- hold packages of bread on top.

Now it is in a home where it can fulfill it's potential and actually make bread.

Now if I can just get around to using that wafflemaker I have! Luckily it fits in a cupboard and takes up much less space.

I also have a blender that needs a good home. It has been used, but sparsely.

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