Sunday, April 4, 2010

Out of the Box

Happy Easter everyone. I have had a fairly busy day even though it is the Sabbath.

First, let me sum up the rest of the day yesterday. After leaving the Harley shop in Topeka we went over to the mall. I got some shirts on sale and at a military discount at Old Navy and saw someone I knew there. Then we looked at Sears for curtains for the livingroom then headed over to Burlington Coat factory. i wanted a long skirt. Did not find any i liked, but I did find a nice pair of lightweight white capris. We also found a yellow and white checked throw pillow set for $7.00. I threw in some socks and a photo box and we were good!! Then we went to Penny's and I found the perfect blue curtains on sale for $10.00 a panel. We ordered 2 of those and a valance for another window. Then we stopped at Spangles and headed home.

After putting down our new area rug I went to a Celebrating Home party and bought a corner shelf while TJ went on a bike ride. After I decided to make a trip into Manhattan. I went to Hobby Lobby and got another flat basket for the entertainment center to put loose junk in, plus a regular basket for TJ's junk in the livingroom. I also got a small square basket for the remotes. Next I went over to Home Depot and found the right size lightbulbs for my Ikea lamps and picked up some paint color cards. I am going to be painting a couple of shelves in my craftroom pink and green and need to find a suitable match. Then I went over to Target and got 2 photoboxes to use as DVD storage and a canvas basket for the Playstation controls. I also got some flower seeds to plant and a pink tray for my craftroom. And an OK magazine.

When I got home I put in a DVD and set to work on the livingroom. I got all the junk put in the appropriate baskets. I brought a shelf down from my bedroom and set it up next to another shelf for a temporary fix(I am bringing a bigger bookcase back in August). Then I cleaned out the Entertainment center, putting the books on the bookshelves and some of the DVDs in the boxes(and the rest on a shelf). I then put all our Build a Animals on the EC shelves. On the bottom 2 I put one canvas basket filled with toys and another with children's books. It looks a lot less cluttered now! I also swapped out my red snuggie and dark blue airline blanket for a yellow checked sheet and yellow and white afghan for the couch and added the throw pillows. Then I went upstairs and organized my jewelry into the new armoire.

Now for today!! I went to the presbyterian church this morning for Easter Service then went to my church for part of General Conference. Then I came home and got to work. I prepared a roast chicken. While it was roasting I cleaned up and organized the kitchen counters. I removed the bread machine(giving it to a friend) and blender(selling it) which freed up some room. I finally took my Soda Machine out of the box and set it up on the counter. Still haven't used it, but it is out!!! I also freed up some drawer space for when I bring my "new" silverware out here by putting my kitchen utensils in a pot with a cloth in it. It looks nice and is more handy. I also put out my new shelf which barely fit under the top cabinets so I have all my cooking oils and spices organized as well.

Tj and I had a nice dinner. I probably won't make it again, but it was good practice for the TurDuckin I aspire to make one day.

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