Saturday, April 24, 2010

To Stay or Not Stay -- a Tale of a Deployment Day

How cool is it that my title rhymes????

Okay, so in my last post about pity party plnning I mentioned that the first (and only other) time my husband deployed I just dropped him off and then went home. I am sure you are wondering "what is up with that???" So I will explain.

It was hard for me when I first came here. I did not many people, it was slow going making friends, I was off anxiety medication and I was just having a lot of trouble adjucting. My husband deployed just 2 months after I arrived.

On the day of deployment the families were allowed to come and hang out with the soldiers while they got their weapons and prepared to leave. I chose not to do this and I will explain why.

Basically it was because I knew I would be an emotional wreck. The one friend I had at that point explained that she never stayed, just dropped her husband off, because she knew he had a lot to focus on and she did not want to interfere with that. She would get very emotional too and knew that the best thing would be to go home and curl up in front of the TV with movies she had recorded(my concept of the pity party came in part from her).

I talked it over with my husband and we decided it would be best if I just dropped him off. I did not want to make it harder on him by crying the whole time, nor did I want to upset other wives, not to mention the kids. I know people talked about it and wondered why I wasn't there, but if I had been they would have talked about what a basket case I would have been!!! It was a good decision.

With the next deployment I will be staying with him until he leaves. I feel that I am emotionally stronger at this point and can handle it better. Plus I have my pity party to lok forward to after :)


GingerV said...

don't worry about what others say, this is about your emotional safety and the wishes of your husband. some people prefer private goodbye versus public displays. I would prefer the dinner at home, a good bottle of wine, warm loving and a quick goodbye at the gate.
I'm here. as close as an email.
word verfic - EXACT!

Amanda said...

hey I will be there along with Todd's mom crying our eyes out :o) so if you need to cry then you can join our crying party lol

Robyn :) said...

Thanks guys!! This time I definitely plan on being there. Will probably be crying the whole tome, too LOL!! Amanda, will the Battalion leave as a whole or is it just by company? lst time we were in some kind of weird attached/dteached unit.