Friday, May 28, 2010

The Case For a New Bike

So last weekend TJ and I got a new motorcycle. I had been telling him he did not need a new one until the old one was paid off. His reason for wanting a new one was to get a bigger one so there would be storage and also so I would be more comfortable so i could go on longer rides with him. I told him it was okay and we could do that when he got back from Iraq.

However, we went ahead and bought one this weekend and here is why....

1. It was $2000.00 cheaper than at the other places he was looking. It is preowned, like the others. The price went down on our trade-in, but then up again on what we still owed. To keep the payments low I kicked in a little extra.

2. It was at City Cycle Sales, our beloved Junction City Harley Shop. It is TJ's second home, everyone there knows him(and me), including the owner. I really wanted our next bike to come from them.

3. It had good mileage, a comfy seat for me and lots of storage.

The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the color. White. TJ had actually looked at this bike before but did not even consider it because he knows I don't like white. But after hearing the price and the mileage I asked if he liked the color and he did so I said it was fine. It is actually an iridescent pearl that sometimes picks up colors so it is okay.

I will have pictures soon.

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