Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How To Garage Sell Part 1

I read an article today on how to have a successful garage sale and I am not doing ANYTHING it suggested!! LOL. This is how I am doing mine....

First, slowly gather items as you clean different parts of your house. Put a big cumbersome box in your coat closet to hold the stuff. Later get a smaller box for heavy items such as books and VHS tapes. Wait for the Post Wide garage sales so you don't have to put up signs.

Ask one friend a couple weeks in advance if you can use her Cricut to make attractive pricing signs.

Make a memo in your Blackberry late at night when you can't sleep about what you want to price things, because that is what is keeping you awake -- obsessing over what you want to price things. You may or may not use these prices later.

Realize a week before the sale that you actually want to shop the garage sales and your friend wants to too, so ask her son to man your sale for you for 10% of the take.

Decide a few days before you are too lazy to make attractive pricing signs with the Cricut and enlist friend's daughter (sister to the son who is selling for you now)to make them instead for either 5% of the take OR 25 cents per sign. Forget to tell friend you asked about using her Cricut.

Spend a couple hours folding clothes for sale and putting price tag stickers on most of your items while watching The Greatest American Hero on DVD.

Leave boxes with items out in livingroom rather than stuffing them back in closet.

Discover there is tape in the VCR you intend to sell and decide to ask hubby to check to see if a)the VCR actually works and b)if he can get the tape out.

That is where I am at now. Part 2 coming soon!!

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