Friday, May 14, 2010

How To Garage Sell Part 3 -- The Day Before

So my garage sale is tomorrow and this is what we did today.

Ask to bring your friend's kids home after work with you so they can help.

Take kids to bank with you to get cash for sale. As for 50 ones and 10 5's to make change, plus 5 20's for yourself to spend, and 2 lollipops for the kids.

Let friend's son play Playstation and the computer to his heart's content while you put his sister to work. Tell her what to put on pricing signs, spell words out for her, direct what sizes of papers to use, plus which color pens to use as she is using a variety of colored paper.

Ask husband to test VCR and get tape out. Good news, it works!!

Find a box to put scrapbook paper in and stuff it so the paper is visible. Put the price sign on it, plus one on the VCR and another on the exercise bike hubby had to drag out of storage.

In the meantime sell diningroom table to friend who was looking for one just like it, even though you didn't plan to sell it for about another year, but she can use it so why not?? Have hubby bring it up and put in her car while you chitchat :)(sell chairs to another friend).

Look around for something to use as a cashbox. Settle on grandmother's jewelry box you use for hair accessories.

Bring dirty plastic patio table from the backyard to hose off, which turns out not to be enough, so have friend's daughter help you clean it off with papertowels. A little better.

Get 2 big bags of plastic bags from storage room to use for people's purchases.

Learn from friend that the sale actually starts at 7:30am instead of 8am like you thought.

Find out that friend's husband may come too which probably means they will bring the truck which means you may be able to buy furniture!!

I will have a recap tomorrow.

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