Saturday, May 15, 2010

How to garage Sell Part 4 -- The Big Day

I woke up this morning at 6:35am and hit the snooze for 10 minutes. Then I got up and dressed and ready and started to set up. Our cars were already parked on the street so the carport was free, which was necessary as it RAINED the whole time! It took me about 30 minutes to get everything set up, but I did. Then I sat and waited. I watched people drive by and look. I went to the next duplex over and shopped the neighbor's garage sale!! She makes light switch covers and I got one with cherries on it for my diningroom. She came over to mine, too and bought a couple things. Prior to that I made my first sale of a pet water dish -- 25 cents!!! I also did a price slash early on.

My friends came about an hour in. I did one more quick price slash and got their son set up to sell. Their daughter added a doll to sell. Then we went out looking. In the rain. This is what I got, in no particular order....

A small desk to use as a scrapbooking table(since my current one is going back to being a dining table). $5.00

A beautiful formal dress. It is a turquoise blue and I need to lose a little weight for it to hook in back. It's also a tad long. Also, it is sleeveless, but it has this random strip of material hanging in front and one in back(it was a bridesmaid dress)and I think a seamstress could make sleeves out of it for me. $5.00

A blue Tommy Hilfiger Tie for TJ $1.00

Massage slippers(cow print), with batteries $3.00

Cute black shoes(which if they don't fit good I will give to my friend's daughter who wears the same size as me or to the afterschool program for dress up).

Letter stencil 10 cents(well, they were going to charge a nickel, but I had a dime and it went to cub scouts)

4 Corelle white square bowls

Wooden tray $2.00 Gonna spray paint it and use it in livingroom.

Black carryon suitcase -- for short trips or TJ. $5.00

4 black picture frames -- 8x10 50 cents each

So I spent under $30.00 for all that!! Go me.

We made about $40.00 from selling. $70.00 counting the dining table and chairs O sold. Not bad.

I put the leftover clothes in a bag to take to the DAV thrift store. TJ put the rest of the stuff in a box. I am going to take the leftover books to a used bookstore to try to sell. The rest of the stuff I will store away in my outside shed for the next one in September :)

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