Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Organizational Kick

I have temporarily put aside my interior designing obsession for an organizing one. Actually, it is a part of the home design.

Anyway, today I did my linben closet and a little of my ooutside storage. I saw a picture in a magazine of a nicely organized linen closet which used these really nice basket and cloth storage bins. Well, those wewre a little pricey for me so I bought a few plastic ones. I put sheets in them. One for twin size, one for full, one for queen and one for king, plus one for just pillow cases. They are shallow so the sheets rise above them, but at least it keeps them together. I also took all my tablecloths and placemats and such out and am storing them in a storage tub until I can get my diningroom dresser this summer. Eight small drawers for super organization!!

I also moved all of my holiday decoration tubs out of my inside storage and into the outside storage shed, where I already had a couple. Eventually i am going to get the whole shed cleaned out and organized, but for now i made enough rooms for the tubs. Later on or tomorrow I am going to start reorganizing the inside storage room. I am also going to get sometime this month a thin, but tall and sturdy shelving unit(I can't reveal my source for this) to help in there. So mybe I should just wait for that LOL.

I also need more room in the inside storage because I cleaned out the bottom of my under-the-stairs emergency closet. This is where I kept emergency supplies and my vacuum cleaner and other cleaning tools. However, this closet is supposed to be my safe room or storm shelter so I cleared it. It has a high shelf and I left that alone. I need to repack my emergency kit suitcases and add those back in, as well as a fireproof safe with important documents, but for now it just has a comforter on the floor and a tub of stuff for the dresser I am waiting on on the floor!!

To aid in my house organizing and decluttering I am participating in the Post Wide Garage Sales this Saturday. My friend and I want to go shop the sales, though, so I offered her son ten percent to do my selling for me LOL. My husband would not do it. I have a lot of pricing to do before then and will also start to tackle that tomorrow evening. I am going to enlist my friend's daughter's help in making a couple price signs for me. Maybe for 5 percent or a flat rate of 25 cents per sign. I should have at least 4. Not sure how much money I will be making at the garage sale as I am pricing everything super low. I did find a bunch of stuff in the linen closet, though, that I really don't need.

Anyone have any tips for garage saling? Fun stories to tell? What was your best garage sale find? Mine was a diningroom set and a plastic drawer set.

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