Monday, May 31, 2010


Every once in awhile on Facebook I will do searches for exboyfriends just to see if they are on there and what is going on on their lives. Sometimes it is a gamble because I am not sure I really want to know! Sometimes it is hard when they have very common names!! As was the case the other night.

I was bored so I first tried finding my first love. Several times I thought I recognized him in a picture, but it wasn't him. After skimming through all 300 and something possibilities I moved on to the next. A guy I had a brief fling with, but knew for a couple years. A guy whom I should never have dated, but should have stuck to being friends with. When I punched his name in it came up with over 500 possibilities. I decided to look until I got bored.

At about page 10, even though the picture was small, I recognized him. Upon clicking the picture and seeing it bigger I was 99 percent sure it was him. Looking at some of his info it looked to be him. But I wasn't entirely convinced so I sent him a message asking him if he was the guy I worked with back in California and was my friend.

The next day I got a message back. Yes, he was the same guy. And he was happy to hear from me. We exchanged several messages over the day, catching up. We both agreed that we were happy to be friends again.

I always knew this was someone I would see again. I did not know where or how, but I always felt like there was unfinished business between us. We made mistakes. Big ones. We went down a road we shouldn't have and it cost us a friendship. Things are different now, though. We are both in places in our lives where we can be friends.

And that is the miracle of Facebook.

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