Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summer Projects

With only 2 weeks left of school I am getting anxious for my summer vacation to start and some projects to get done. I may be working summerschool in the mornings for a few weeks, but have not heard anything yet(last year I did not hear until the last week of school). I can still work on projects in the mornings. And I have some major ones planned.

One big one is fruit and vegetabe canning. My friend, Angela, and I have decided to learn to do this together. She has a big garden and I am planning on getting stuff at the Farmer's Market. I just looked up a bunch of websites on canning and saved them to read and learn.

I will be doing lots of painting. Of furniture. The big one is my desk. I have my paint color chosen, just need to buy it. And supplies. Have I mentioned that I have never painted anything before? I will also be doing a nightstand in my bedroom(still trying to pick out a color). And picture frames.

I will continue to make pillows. Maybe get a start on Christmas gifts. I am also making seat cushions for 4 large chairs. I am basically just recovering old pillows, but I got really cool Hawaiian shirt fabric to use :) I also need to recover the pillows that came with our couch. They are ugly, but I got some really great retro looking fabric to use.

I also want to clean out ALL of my closets. Not too bad of a job.

I have a plan to clean out and organize my spare room. Oy. I have to get this done my first week of vacation as my best friend is planning on coming in June. Right now the room is being used as a storage catch all!!

I need to finish cleaning out and organizing the outside storage shed. I already got all my holiday decoration tubs out there, just need to clean up the stuff around them.

I need to reorganize my inside storage closet. I am getting a really nice shelving unit to help with this.

I also need to go through a pile of old paperwork and see what I can keep and what I can recycle and what I need to shred or burn.

I think that will all keep me busy the whole summer!! What are your summer plans or projects?

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