Thursday, May 20, 2010


Today was slightly better than yesterday.

I had a rough start this morning as I decided to pick a fight with TJ through text messaging(well, he pissed me off!!). I knew it was a bad idea, but I did it anyway.

I packed a lot of boxes today. Lots of stuff looks done. I am bailing on tomorrow, though, because I need the day off!! I do get to pick up a shelf, though.

TJ lost his keys this morning. Luckily he had a spare set for his car. After extensive searching this evening I found them. Almost didn't. They were in a pile of stuff and I happened to hear them when I picked up one thing.

We took our Sister Missionaries to dinner at IHOP this evening. Normally we feed them in our home, but one is from Tonga and it is a crapshoot for her to be able to get on post.

Tomorrow there is a Division Check Ride for all the motorcycle riders in the army here. About 500 plus. I am seriously considering getting up early to watch them all leave post and then catch up with them elsewhere to watch them. I mean, that's a lot of bikes and would really be something to see!!!!

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