Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Today had the potential of being a bad day.

First of all, it is Tuesday. I hate Tuesdays. Bad things always happen on Tuesdays.

Work was fine. I had the kids after.

I decided to get us a snack. The line at McD's was too long. So we went to Wendy's. I spilled my drink and Miss K's had a hole in the bottom.

I found out my duplex mate is moving on Monday. Monday!! I thought she was here another week. The fact that she is moving at all sucks.

And the final thing was I was supposed to have a candle party, but the consultant did not show up.

However, two of my dear friends came for the party. they had not met each other before. Their daughters came, too and knew each other from Boys and Girls Club. So while the kids played, we sat and talked. And they got along fabulously.

And that made this whole day a good one :)

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