Friday, June 11, 2010


I do not want people getting the idea that I am a babysitter, because I am not. This is one of my irrational fears right now. I tend to worry about things before they happen. Sometimes it is good because I am prepared but other times it just causes a lot of needless worry.

Anyway, I am worried that because of my husband people will think that they can just call me up any old time and ask me to watch their kids. And this is not the case. There are only 4 kids that I will babysit(2 sets of brothers and sisters) and their parents know this. I would also possibly consider babysitting a couple kids down the street because they are pretty neat kids. So that would be 6.

I am not comfortable watching kids I do not know. Especially babies(have I talked about this before?). I am not experienced enough with babies. I think that once I have kids it will be different, but until then, no. I am afraid, though, that since I do not have kids, that people will think that I would be more than happy to watch theirs or that i have all this time to babysit. Um, no again. Unless I offer, no.

My husband has contributes to this problem. Because he offers our babysitting services occasionally. I told him that it is fine if HE wants to babysit, but do not include me.

One of the other reasons I do not want to be babysitting regularly is because of my job. I work with kids and I love it. But I think if I went beyond that I would not love it so much and that would be tragic and devastating for me. Because I have the summer off, though, I am worried people will think I have all this free time and will jump at the chance to babysit. Nope. I have lots of projects going on and enjoy my limited free time.

Now all these fears may never come to anything, but I thought I would just put it out there.

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Donna said...

Well said Robyn :)