Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Black and White

I finished my first painting project of the summer today....a dresser and hutch!!

The dresser used to be all black. I bought it at an estate sale. The hutch was an ugly blue and I bought it at Goodwill.

The dresser still needs white knobs for the top drawer

I filled it with linens and plastic tablecloths.

My next project is this shelf. It will be painted all black and the shelves inside white.


~JarieLyn~ said...

Very nice. I love black and white. You did a great job.

Robyn :) said...

Thank you :) My main diningroom theme is going to be black and white and cherries. Inspired by some fabric I found at JoAnn's. I'm waiting for the price to come down so i can make curtains with it :)