Sunday, June 13, 2010

Can't Read My -- Poker Face!!

On Saturday TJ and I went on a Poker Run for charity. It was Cruising for Canines to benefit shelter dogs. It started in JC at City Cycles and proceeded through Detroit, Clay Center, Manhattan and back to JC.

It was a little iffy as to whether we would be able to ride or not as it stormed that morning and was looking to start up again. We decided to go ahead and try it. Since it was a go-at-your-own-pace ride you could ride with whomever. We were going to go with a group, but then saw some people we had had dinner with the night before from the HOG group and decided to wait for them. then they thought they weren't going to go and we were asked by a couple parked next to us so we were happy to go with them. We didn't really know them and they turned out to be awesome people :)

Our first stop was west in the teeny tiny town of Detroit

We actually got our first "card" in JC, so this was the second "card"(for our Poker Hand). The stop was the Midway Bar(which is about the only thing there)

If you have a laptop you can turn it sideways to see the picture correctly. I haven't fixed it in my photo folder yet.

Then it was on North to Clay Center

Scooters Bar for the 3rd "card"

The stops are usually at bars. I should also mention that the cards are actually stamps. You draw an actual card, but they stamp a sheet for you.

Next we headed East to Manhattan to the Rock-A-Belly Deli in Aggieville. This where I forgot to continue taking pictures. We stopped for lunch here, too. Excellent sandwiches!! After I stopped in at the used bookstore to pet the cat. After a bathroom break at Varney's college bookstore we headed south to Junction City. We ended up at Coach's for the last card. By this time the sun had come out and I was starting to feel a little queasy (not from the food!!). We didn't stay because we certainly did not have the best hand(pair of 6's) or the worst(they were giving away a Harley Davidson Ceiling Fan for that). also, our bike decided to act up. Her spedometer stopped working and she would die everytime we stopped!! She will be getting checked out Tuesday.

TJ may be going on another run(for children's cancer research) this coming Saturday, but I have other plans.

I will leave you with pictures of Sunday's dinner cooking

I marinated the meat in Garlic and Ginger sauce and then mixed the veggies(bok choi, tatsoi, shredded carrots, swiss chard, green and orange peppers and zuchhini) with garlic salt, lemon pepper, curry, ginger and sesame oil.

I think from now on I will name all my posts with lines from Lady Gaga songs. Just kidding!!

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