Thursday, June 3, 2010

Field Exercise

For the past couple of days my husband has been "out in the field" shooting weapons and such. I was actually happy about this, not that I like having my husband away from home, but because he is getting the necessary training he needs before going overseas. The more they can do to prepare here, the more easy I can sleep at night while he is gone.

It is good practice, too, for me for when he deploys. To get used to him not being here after 3 years of being here.

However, my schedule did get off course with him not being here, but part of that was because I was still getting over an early summer cold. I had a schedule worked out for summer vacation, but have not followed it yet. Instead, I slept in late in the mornings then stayed up late at night. Which is what I used to do when he was deployed. Which I can't do this time because I will be working. But for the summer it is okay. Escept there is a ton of stuff I want to do and I want to actually enjoy the daytime of summer, not just the nights!! LOL

The plan, next, is that they will be going to NTC in California for the month of July, but I have heard rumors that it will be earlier. I mentally prepared for this, but if it doesn't happen then great!! If it does, well, it won't sneak up on me.

It's all about being prepared.

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