Tuesday, June 22, 2010

La Livingroom

Last week I decided that our divided livingroom wasn't working for me anymore so my husband helped me rearrange the furniture into a more appealing set up. Here it is....

View from my home's entrance

Window area(the chair has been moved upstairs)

Entertainment center and rocking recliner

DVD shelf and side window

End table and sofa

End table, sofa, and picture

Couch and beloved bridge picture

Bookcase and photo shelf (sorry it's blurry)

Computer and sunset pictures

Ghetto computer chair

I already changed a couple things


Kim said...

Will it look even better after your trip to Cali??

Kim said...

BTW, I like your living room set up. I can't imagine more furniture though.....

Robyn :) said...

I will be replacing the 2 bookshelves with one big one and then under the window will be a credenza. So, losing 3 pieces and gaining 2 :) Make that 4. I will also have a small round table, but that may go down to the diningroom

Donna said...

Everything looks so wonderful!