Friday, June 11, 2010

Needn't Have Worried

Just 2 short weeks ago our duplex mates moved to a different post. They were excellent neighbors and we were very sad to see them go.

And with them leaving came the anxiety of wondering what our new duplex mates would be like. I had awful neighbors back in California and ever since then I worry when getting new ones. I have been incredubly lucky since them, but am afraid my luck will run out!

Well, so far it hasn't because we got super awesome new duplex mates!! They have been moving their stuff bit by bit and should be all moved in tomorrow. They are really nice and have 2 teenagers(so no worries about noisy kids).

Today they had a dilemna though. They had a couch and dresser that would not fit and wanted to know what they could do with them. As to giving them away and such. TJ explained that there was Riley Yard Sales. I also told him to ask one of his soldiers that I knew needed furniture. About the couch. As for the dresser I asked to take that. We offered to pay for it, but they just wanted to give it away. They helped us move it into our bedroom too. Here it is(sorry the pictures are blurry, they are from my phone)

As you can see it is HUGE!! Not only did I get all my clothes from my 2 dressers in it, I also was able to put jewelry in 3 of the drawers!! It also has 2 doors with a shelf inside where I am going to put my purses. How awesome is that?!?!!?!?

We are giving the neighbors one of our dressers for their nephew and the other will go to TJ's soldier.

Tomorrow I will be buying flowers or a plant and a thank you note for our wonderful new neihbors :)

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