Monday, June 14, 2010


So, when we first went back to California after my mom died and were going through the house we found a big sheathed knife hanging in my dad's backroom closet. I had seen it before and never really looked at it or anything. My husband was quite fascinated with it and I told him he could have it. We brought it back home and have had it sitting on top of the entertainment center. He has showed it off to his friends.

Today I decided to hang it up(it has a strap)on the wall temporarily(I had a free hook). When my husband saw it he asked what it was doing on the wall. Then he proceeded to take it down and show me why we shouldn't be hanging it on the wall.

Apparently my dad got it when he was over in Germany for WWII. It appears to have belonged to the enemy. It has a little symbol(2 actually)that you don't want to be displaying in your home!! Is the picture looking clearer? I had no idea as I never looked closely at the thing. I just thought TJ was fascinated with it because it was big!!

I am not too thrilled with having an item with a well known symbol of hate on it, but it is a rare artifact(for lack of a better word). It may be worth something. It probably belongs in a museum. I wish I knew the story about how my dad got it.

For now it is back on top of the entertainment center, to only be taken down and shown with an explanation of where it came from and why we have it.

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Kim said...

Woops! How interesting though.