Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Plan

So, I have a tentative plan (or plans) for the week.

First up, I cleaned my kitchen up a bit today. The counters anyway. I am hoping to clean out the refrigerator at some point. I also marinated meat and chopped and seasoned veggies for a stir fry.

I plan to stick with my walking this week. Gonna do just a little over a mile. It might actually work out to a mile and a half. I can't go swimming for a couple days so I am going to take advantage of the extra time by doing a few errands :) I am also hoping to finish the painting projects I started(and I will take pictures).

In addition to the painting I need to do some cleaning and organizing. The livingroom, which I worked on the past week, is messed up again so I need to go through tomorrow and fix it then really make an effort to keep it clean!! I also may tackle the closet. My other goal is to get the diningroom cleaned and organized and quite possibly start a couple more paint projects. It looks like the diningroom will be the first room getting a makeover!! I will take pictures.

I also plan to continue eating healthy (I may have messed up a bit this weekend).

What are your plans or goals this week?


Amanda said...

my goal this week is to go ANOTHER week without food lol

Lauren said...

My goal is to eat at least 4 vegetarian meals this week. It's hard to find good recipes sometimes! Also, to be more positive about things. Good luck with your goals :)

Robyn :) said...

Both food related goals, cool!!! Lauren, I recommend The SkinnyGirl Dish by Bethenny Frankel. Most of her recipes can be made vegetarian. She not only gives you recipes, but substitutions, including vegeterian ideas.

Lauren said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I'll have to check it out.