Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Time Line, Not Frame

Holy cow, i just asked my husband if he heard anything new about when they are supposed to deploy and his response was "any time from (insert month here) to 6 months after that". What the??? That is not a time frame, that is a time line!! Wow. I think most likely it will be the month they mentioned.

In other news, I bought some vintage patio furniture today. A lounge chair, 2 big chairs and a small stool. Redwood, but I will probably paint them eventually. Maybe white. The best part though is the cushions -- big orange, white, yellow and green flowers. Totally 70's!!! I saw them outside Olde and Nu Shop in town and knew I had to have them. Good price, too.

I have started a routine this week. It is supposed to go like this, but it is flexible and has been tweaked already...

8am get up and eat breakfast

9am exercise. Right now it is walking 1 mile on the Riverwalk(since the distance is marked), but will eventually go up to 2 miles and then I can add the old golf course path and the new. if it rains I will go to the gym.

11am swim. I am going to do increasing laps right now I do 4. Also, the pool has not been crowded. Yesterday I was the only one there for about 20 minutes and had about 7 lifeguards looking out for my safety alone. I felt like a VIP!!

12:30 eat. I am going to start bringing my lunch to the pool.

1-3:30 clean. Usually done while watching Who's the Boss and Little House. I also read during this time

3:30 shower

4pm Gilmore Girls. I usually sew at this time too

5pm Dinner

6pm read

7pm watch TV and crafts. Or read more.

I got some other plans for when TJ goes to NTC. Oh!! I also started on a painting project!! I bought a 5 drawer dresser for $20.00 at an estate sale last weekend. It was already painted black. I am doing 2 drawers in white and giving the rest a new coat of black. I may also do the sides white, but not sure. I also found a 3shelf hutch at GoodWill last week and am painting it black with white inside to match and put on top. It is going in my diningroom. The drawers will hold linens. It has been raining, though, so that has held up the progress. Hopefully I can finish up by this weekend.


Kim said...

Pictures please!

Robyn :) said...

I gotta find where TJ put the camera