Sunday, June 13, 2010

Well This Was Unexpected

A couple hours ago my BFF Bonnie texted me asking if I would like to come visit her in Boston the last week of June. We had already planned for her to come out here in July on her way back to California, but she was taking the last days of June off and wanted to know if i'd like to come.

I had to talk it over with TJ as he is going to NTC July 1st. He said it was fine with him and offered that Bonnie stay here with me until he came home and then fly to california with us in august. She doesn't start her new job there until September.

After some discussion on when to come back here to Kansas(Bonnie is not sure when she will be done packing and getting her stuff shipped to California)I decided to get a one way ticket and then we would decide together and get our tickets together when coming back.

So I will be saying goodbye to TJ a week early. But I may be able to spend a month+ with my best friend. Fair trade, I'd say.

So now I really have to get my house in order in the next 2 weeks!! At least the bottom half and the bathrooms and spare room LOL.

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