Monday, July 5, 2010

Broken Hearted

Yesterday, my beloved state of Kansas broke my heart.

I was en route from my layover in Dallas to Manhattan when we had to be diverted to the KC airport. Because it was raining so bad.

Now normally this may have been just a minor inconvenience and I would have just read and listened to my ipod, but yesterday was different.

You see, I just had a few precious hours to spend with my husband before he left for a month. Hours we didn't even originally think we would have as we thought he would be gone before I returned. But it worked out I was returning the day he was leaving. We should have had 7 1/2. It ended up being a mere 4. Most of which I slept becuase of all the xanax I had to take plus advil for a headache, all a result of the most horrid turbulence ever. And the good ten minutes or so I spent crying as we went into KCI.

I have never before minded the crazy and unpredictable weather of Kansas, but yesterday it hit me where it hurt and I am very sad and disappointed. One day I will love Kansas again, but right now I feel btrayed.

Anyway, so not sure how long we were at KCI. First they told us we would deplane, but the airport informed us that if we did they would not have enough gate agents to help get us back on because they had other flights to help. Because god forbid another flight be just a few minutes late whereas we were stranded and had just gone through hell(I a not kidding, the turbulance was awful). American was very sympathetic to us and they even gave us free snacks(from the bags you are supposed to buy) and kept apologizing. Finally we were able to go back going just a little north (otherwise we would have flew right back n the storm!!). It was like a 15-20 minute flight from there. More turbulence but a good landing.

I have no complaints with American, but I am not too fond of Kansas and it's weather at the moment.

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