Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Hard Part

So, I thought I had a handle on this separation stuff with my husband while he is away playing war(what I will be calling it as I cannot say the official words of where he is or what he is doing). For the first few days I was doing really good, especially with the Good Morning texts and Good Night phone calls.

Then they took their phones away.

They are not in trouble or anything. It was a precautionary measure as they were not going to be allowed to used for 2 weeks anyway. If anyone did they could track it and the soldier would be in SERIOUS trouble.

I don't like not being able to talk to my husband. And knowing I can't for an extended period. At least in deployment there is the possibility he may call.

Oh well. I sent a care package with canned food and candy and foot powder(they use it to cool down!!) and then today I bought a card and am sending it tomorrow with a note. Helps me to feel closer to him.

In the meantime, I have been keeping busy. I started walking 2 miles in the mornings, then switched to evenings to walk with friends. However, today it is too hot with the humidity so I will break out a Tae Bo video later. I have been doing 1/2 a one for my arms because I haven't been able to go swimming this week and that is where I do my arms. Tomorrow I am going to Topeka with friends. I am having a candle party on Saturday. Then, later this month, my BFF Bonnie comes.

Another thing I have been doing is reading. ALOT. I got 3 books from the Manhattan Library, 3 from JC, one from the USO and two I had. Yes, that is 9 books! Plus the Book of Mormon. I find that if I put it in my book rotation I actually remember to read it and read more!! So 10 books. I will do a separate blog on my reading habits.

I rented some movies today, too, and borrowed one from a friend. Then she informed me Dirty Dancing was on so I had to watch that. Nevermind that I just bought the 20th anniversary edition on sale from Best Buy(I already did have a copy, too). I gotta watch it on TV!! They have extra and extended scenes! I did watch When in Rome before and really liked it. That is one I may buy.

How is everyone else's month going?

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