Thursday, July 15, 2010

Robyn's Reading Habits

So, I mentioned that in my last post I am currently reading 10 books. Yep, you read that right. TEN!!!

I can never read just one book at a time. I get bored. so i usually have a few I alternate. Here is my reading habits of late...

I read when I wake up in the morning and usually sometime during the day. However, I do most of my reading at night. I like to get into my pajamas and light a candle and open the window to let the cool night air in (well not last night and apparently the next week). I snuggle in bed with my books, then (and sometimes Scout, but most often he joins me after I am asleep).

I have one book that is a one week-book so I read that one between reading the others. I read a section of a chapter, then pick up another book. If that book has sections in its chapters I will read the section then put it aside(in the rotation) and move on to another. If it doesn't then I read the whole chapter and put it in another pile. As I finish chapters I add to this pile until I am done. In between chapters and sections I read the one week book.

Now, normally, I don't have quite so many books. When I return the Manhattan books I plan to just get one more(maybe 2). Same with JC and probably not anymore one week books. I will still have one from the USO and one of my own. Plus the book of Mormon(until I finish it). So it will be down to like 4 or 5 books. Oh, and one literature book. Right now I am reading the House of the Seven Gables because I went there. Next I am going to try Anna Karenina.

What does everyone else like to read? Where do you read? When?

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