Thursday, July 8, 2010

Spare Me the Cryptic Dramatics(UPDATED)

Sometimes the army really irritates me.

Our Battalion Facebook page posted that our FRG's are "dessimating"(yes, I know what that means) info on "an exercise that will effect Brigade families" nd then proceeded to say we could go to an FRG website for more info. All it was was a homepage with all kinds of stuff, non mentioning an "exercise".

So I left a comment asking what I was supposed to be looking for. The response from another wife was that the FRGs were sending out emails.

Um, I got that and still do not know what they are talking about. I can guess or assume or surmise. But I really do not know.

I know that there is certain information that cannot be openly discussed, but putting up cryptic messages about "exercises" do not help. Not all of us know what they talking about. All they had to say was that the monthly newsletter was being sent out and there was info in it about what was happening in the battalion right now.

My response to the comment was that I received the email but was still not sure what they were talking about but that was normal. I figure if there is something I really need to know I will find out eventually. If it was urgent we would be receiving phone calls, right? Who knows.

UPDATE: So after I posted, a couple other wives(in different companies) posted that they had not received an email(kudos to my FRG leader for getting it out). The response from whoever runs the page was to give them time as some of them have full time jobs. That PISSED me off. I felt like they were implying they were better than us or something. How do they know that we are not accessing this information from OUR full time jobs??? Anyay, I responded back that I understood that, but when they put out info that is hard to understand and then direct us to email info that people have not gotten those people are going to question it(I worded it differently). The response also explained this time WHAT to search for on the webpage link they gave us. Helpful, but guess what? You have to register with the website. So that makes access to the information even more difficult.

I went into this Battalion, Company and FRG with a positive attitude(I really did), but things like this make me want to have nothing to do with it.

BTW, FRG stand for Family Readiness Group. I think I did a post on it.

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