Sunday, August 1, 2010

All Adventure, All the Time

I have been going nonstop since a week ago Thursday and will continue to do so through this week.

It started off with a trip to Shawnee and Overland Park with my friend, Amanda, and another friend to scrapbook shop before making a late night airport run. The next day I think I did a lot of cleaning and preparing for my friend, Bonnie, to come visit. I continued along with last minute preparations Saturday morning, then went to Manhattan for a couple hours(where I did get to relax with gossip magazines at Hastings) before picking Bonnie up. We came back to the house then went into JC real fast before heading back to Manhattan for the fair and rodeo. Bonnie discovered fresh corn on the cob and I got my Fried Milky Way.

On Sunday we took off for Kansas City. We stopped at Legends Mall and had lunch at the T-Rex cafe. We shopped and got matching shirts for $2.00 a piece at the VF outlet. We went over to Nebraska Furniture mart to marvel. Then we headed across the state line to our hotel-- Best Western Seville, near Country Club Plaza. It was a very nice Best western and the desk guy was very helpful. We had dinner at McCormicks and Schmicks(where we continued our oyster tour with oysters from the Pacific Northwest) and desert at an Italian place. We also stopped at Barnes and Noble. At one point we had to pass a bagpiper on the street. I was good and did not plug my ears, but I cringed a lot. After we got back to the hotel we worked out in the fitness room before bed.

There was no need for the fitness room on Monday. We started our day by going to World's of Fun(after our free continental breakfast). We spent four hours at Worlds as not a lot of people were there so no long lines. Plus it was hot. After we went to gates barbecue for authentic KC barbecue. Then we went to a tire place because one of the tires on the Blazer decided to get a hole. we suspect it was from all the road construction on the Missouri roads. after that we went back to the hotel to relax and I took a long nap. Then we went to a late dinner at Kona Grill for sushi. Then we took a drive through downtown to see everything lit up.

On Tuesday we took a drive around the art museums to get pictures of the giant badminton birdies on the lawn, then went up to City Market to visit the Steamboat Arabia Museum. I also picked up some goodies at the Italian Deli. Then we stopped at McDonalds for a quick lunch then we went to Oceans of Fun. We walked around, then waited for a storm to pass then played in the water. I was brave and went down 2 slides. We also went in the wave pool(super fun) and lazy river. Got our exercise for the day for sure! Then we made the long drive back home. Stopped in Topeka for shakes, burgers and fries at Steak and Shake.

Wednesday found us getting our hair done in the morning, then heading east again. Drove out on HWY 24 and discovered what a beautiful drive that was. First we stopped in Lawrence to drive around downtown and KU(which we had a bit of trouble finding), then had gulf oysters at Jeffersons. Then we got back HWY 24 We drove almost to KC KS. Then we headed south to Overland Park to go to Happy Hour at Cheesecake Factory for $5.00 appetizers. Then we tried a new cupcake place(not as good as my regular place). The final stop was Cabelas where we got fudge, then made the long drive back home.

On Thursday we had breakfast at stacy's in town then headed west through Chapman(I showed Bonnie the Extreme Makeover house and the tornado line) out to Abilene. We went to the Eisenhower Center, Greyhound Hall of Fame and Cypress Bridge to get our personalized lotions made. I did pineapple and rose and Bonnie did lilac and apple. We totally forgot to go to Russell Stovers. That evening we went to a jewelry party then swimming. It was an early night.

Friday was a crazy but fun day. We slept in. Drove through Main Post, went to the chicken farm, then the dairy and then headed to Topeka. While there we went across the river to discover there is actually a whole other part of town in the North!! I had no idea! On the this side, we went to the Capital(which is kind of dissapointing with all the construction going on, but the Senate and House chambers were untouched and awesome), Old Prairie Town for a Green River Float and icecream soda, Hobby Lobby(for posterboard)the scrapbook store and for dinner -- Red Lobster!! We finished it up with a trip to Party America(for a welcome home balloon)and then Daddycakes!! We came home and I made a welcome home sign and decorated. We watched Letterman and had a late night snack. Then I headed out to watch TJ's bus come in and to watch all the soldiers get off in the motorpool area, then went back to company while waiting for TJ to turn in his weapon. Then I brought him home!!! He met Bonnie for the first time.

Yesterday we all slept in then went up to Clothing and Sales and then out to Milford. We met up with friends then headed to the Marina where we rented a pontoon boat. We anchored a couple places and swam, sacrificed TJ's shorts to the lake and got sunburned/tanned. Then we went to our friends' to cookout and play card until past midnight.

Which brings us to today. TJ went on a bike ride to Cassoday, while Bonnie and I slept in. We made scrambled duck and green eggs. I started packing and have done laundry. Later we are going to Coach's for dinner then to walmart for cat food. Our plane leaves at 7:30am tomorrow for California and on Wednesday we start driving back here!

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