Saturday, August 7, 2010

Choosing A Truck

Now that we have made the decision on what cars to trade in, today we started looking at trucks. We have pretty much narrowed our choices down to a Ford F150 or a Chevy Silverado. Most likely in Blue. I refuse to get white, gray, silver or any other neutral color. TJ likes black, is ok with blue and says he would live with a red. I like red, blue is my second choice and could live with black. Since TJ is going to be the primary driver I really don't want to get him a color he would just "live with". The blues we have seen are very dark, except for some limited Silverados that look almost purple and I am not going to make TJ drive in that LOL.

The other decision we are facing is where to buy from. I think if we decide on the Silverado it is going to be Jim Clark Chevrolet in JC(home of the giant American flag!!). I really liked the sales guy there and another friend has bought from them and is impressed with their continuing service.

The Ford is in question. I did not like the salesgirl at the place we went in Manhattan -- Dick Edwards. She was too pushy. I have talked to other guys there that were okay. TJ bought his Trailblazer from the Dick Edwards here in JC and we like the salesman we always talk to there. They also sell Chevy's there. However, at the moment, they do not have too many cars on their lot!! So we may have to ask them to bring over what we want from another dealer LOL.

Trucks, I have found though, are pretty pricey. I almost would rather buy something used. However, there are some nice incentives on buying new right now and it may be better for us in the long run. I also think they may be looking to get rid of their 2010s so maybe we can get a good deal that way too. I wouldn't mind a 2009 either :)

Soooo, anyone have any advice and/or experience with the brands we are considering?

OH, I also found a dealer that sells Buicks(I never paid attention before) so I will have a place to take mine for service :)

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