Saturday, August 7, 2010

What A Week -- Monday

This was the week we went back to California to get the stuff I had put in storage from my mom's house.

On Monday morning, super early, we drove out to MHK and got on a plane for california with a plane change in dallas. We had Bonnie with us and were able to take her to the USO in the dallas airport :) On the first flight she sat in front of us and then on the second TJ traded seats with her so we could sit together.

Flying into L.A. I was able to see Turnbull Canyon and Rose Hills from the air -- a first for me!

My cousin, Claudia picked us up and we said goodbye to Bonnie(she had her own ride).

Our first order of business was getting a new battery for the Buick, which AAA brought and installed for us :) Then we took a long nap. After that we took Claudia to dinner at Mexico 1900(best enchiladas ever) and then dropped her back at home. Then we went over to mom's house and discovered someone or someones have been getting in it. Thanks to the red caution electrical lines below tape over the back door I can pretty much figure out who it was(stupid teenagers. Your dad does electrical work, not too bright are we?). Anyway, with the help of the neighbor we took care of the problem and secured the house. Then TJ and I went to Rocky Cola for a banana split and Brown Cow. That was it for Monday!!

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