Sunday, August 8, 2010

What A Week -- Tuesday

This was a very busy day for us. First off, TJ helped my cousin clean up her backyard a bit and set up for the potluck party. I went to the bank to do some business, got a Jamba Juice and a Slurpee plus ice. After dropping those back at the house and getting TJ we went to UHaul to pack up the truck. That did not take too long and the guy there was very nice. He gave us a 14 foot truck for a 10 foot price.

After loading up and getting a tow dolly attached we took the truck back to the house. My Air Force cousin was there along with my cousin, Laura. I took a shower, then TJ and I went back out to go to Gamestop and Sees candy and get a slice of pizza from Tony's!! Then we got gas and went back for the party.

It was wonderful seeing family and friends again and just hanging out and relaxing in my cousin's backyard. Bonnie and her sister came and we went up to Whittier College for a bit to see the new Student Center and renovated library(outside).

The party lasted well into the evening. After, TJ and I went up to Ralph's to get a cooler. Then it was time for bed to get rested up for our big road adventure!!

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