Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What A Week -- Wednesday

This is the day we left. At about 9am. We are not early starters LOL.

We drove up to the Victor Valley and stopped at a Harley Davidson in Victorville. Then we went up to Barstow and spent a couple hours with my friend, Debra. Her husband is stationed at Fort Irwin right now, but I met her here at fort riley when I first moved here. Anyway, she treated us to lunch at DiNapoli's Italian Restaurant and then drove us over to Peggy Sue's. She was then going to take us to Fort Irwin, but the car overheated. When we put fresh water in the radiator it literally looked and sounded like it was throwing up!! Back at Debra's house I got some kitty loving(she has 8). Then it was time to go again.

We made it to Kingman Arizona that evening. I wanted a motel with a refrigerator and microwave. I found one online for the cheapest price. I was disappointed that it didn't list a pool, but that wasn't important. When we got there we discovered that it did indeed have a pool!!!! Not only that, in the room there was a plastic shower cap!! I can never find a motel that offers those anymore. We went swimming then had reheated Carl's Jr that we bought in Needles, CA(where, btw, they jack up the gas prices) earlier. I also took a nice bath.

It was a pretty good and easy day. Our driving for the day was about 7 hours total.

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