Monday, September 27, 2010

I Succumbed

I kept telling everyone it was too early and I told myself I would wait until AT LEAST October 1st, but today I gave in and put my outside Halloween decorations up. If I put the right disk in my camera I should have pictures tomorrow :)

It started out with me taking the Halloween decorations out of the storage shed yesterday so I could see what I had to use for the Haunted House my neighbor is planning for us. I was going to go ahead and put the inside stuff up, but was not in the mood. I put all the outdoor stuff aside to put up later this week. But I couldn;t resist and when I came home from work started. Then I made TJ take me to Walmart because I needed one more string of lights(which ended up being oranger than the ones I already had) and something more to hang(I got a big plastic spider). I also bought a little hat and veil and a black wig with green stripe for my Halloween costume. So that's taken care of. I was pretty much disappointed with the selection of Halloween stuff at Walmart overall. I am hoping Target has some more.

Tomorrow I will dust in the livingroom so I can put up some decorations inside. I have more plans for outside like a graveyard(making tombstones out of cardboard from boxes) and headless people sitting in chairs. Of course I still need to get pumpkins. Real ones to make faces with Sharpies on and I am going to invest in one of those carveable fake ones this year.

Anyone else ready for Halloween already?

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