Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Favorite TV Show

Day 3(they didn't say you had to do it on consecutive days!!) of 30 days.

My current favorite TV shows are The Soup and The Dish. After getting digital cable with the Style Network I found that I actually like The Dish better and love Danielle Fishel even more that Joel McHale(though he is awesome doing stand up -- better than when he is on The Soup). I also love my reality shows like Real Housewives and the Bachelor.

I am also infatuated with reruns of Who's the Boss and Dr. Quinn. I watch those everyday.

My all time favorite TV Shows are The Greatest American Hero, The Brady Bunch, Mork and Mindy, Happy Days and Little House on the Prairie.

I have seen every episode of the Brady Bunch at the very least 5 times and at the most probably well over 20. I can tell you within 30 seconds of the beginning(after the theme song) which episode it is going to be or at any other time within 10 seconds. It is one of my greatest talents.

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