Sunday, October 17, 2010


That last post was too depressing. Here is something happier. My Halloween decorations!!

I have added a few more things since then. Our Haunted House plans have gone a little awry as well LOL. Our neighbor's kids had a falling out with each other over what should be done so they have scrapped their plans. Never fear, though, because I had some backup plans and their mom is going to help and is also loaning me a spooky music CD and their fog machine :) It won't be as scary as they planned, but I think it will be sufficiently creepy. I am also having a party so it will be fun.

I have 2 Halloween costumes planned as well. One for the party and another for school or any other activity we attend.

The first, for the haunted house and party, is a witch. At first I was just going to dress creepy, but it evolved into a witch. Then I decided I would be the Wicked Witch of the East so i could also wear my ruby slippers. I am hoping to rig up a falling house above my head!!

My second costume is Hello Kitty. I already had the ears with the bow from Hot Topic. I also had a yellow shirt and blue shorts. I bought a blue tank top to wear over the yellow shirt. I would like to find a poufy blue skirt to wear instead of the shorts but that does not seem to be happening LOL.

What are your Halloween plans?

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