Friday, October 29, 2010

Probate Trip Days 4 and 5

Day 4 was Tuesday and the day I went to court, i.e. the whole reason for the trip!! The hearing was set at 8:30 but that was not just for me. Oh no, that is when the courtroom opens. Then it takes an hour to check everyone in. Then they hear cases. Mine was 71. Luckily a bunch of the cases id not require anyone being there and were just signed off on or continued. But it took another hour and a half for mine to be heard. It is not done. My lawyer has to do a couple more things like get proof of newspaper notice and I have to get bonded so I don't sell any of the property and take off with the money. Usually they waive the bond, BUT since I am from out of state they don't trust me LOL.

After court we checked on the house, talked to the neighbor, and picked a couple roses from my mom's bushes. Then we got Jack in the Box for lunch and I got my stuff together and headed back to the Valley. I made a stop at the cemetery to visit my mom and dad's grave and talk to them.

I made great time getting back to woodland Hills and checked out the 2 Westfield malls within a block of each other LOL. One was kinda small, but had a sushi restaurant and the other was HUGE and had a sushi bar right in the middle of their very fance food court. Seriously, it was the nicest food court ever. That was Westfield Topanga. Then I went to the apartment to wait for Bonnie.

We decided to go out for dinner and just started driving down Ventura. Nothing was exciting us and I suggested Soup Plantation. Using the internet on my phone we located one up in Northridge. It was very good and we got a nice tour of some of the Valley, although it was dark.

When TJ deploys we agreed that I would come back and stay with Bonnie for like 2 weeks and we will explore more of the Valley as neither of us have really ever spent any time there.

Day 5 I came home. The Burbank airport proved to be very nice for flying out of. I had a good 2 1/2 hour layover in dallas so I got some cereal at the USO, relaxed in the comfort lounge and got McD's for lunch. I got home on time and was nearly knocked over by the wind. My firend picked me up since TJ was in the field, but a half hour later he showed up!!! Since they did not replace him for his CQ Duty the next day they hadto release him to do thast. Sometimes when the army screws up it is in your favor!!

All in all, a very good trip.

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