Thursday, November 4, 2010

Art At It's Finest

Day 17 is a piece of art. So I have chosen this beauty....

Sorry for the flash of light on the side(or is it a spirit orb??). This is my Bridge Painting. I believe it is older than I am. For as long as I can remember it had hung in our homes. First the apartment in North Whittier, then the house in East Whittier(it may have hung in the house my mom and grandma lived in before the apartment, but I don't think it is that old). After I moved here to Kansas I brought it back with after a visit to California. It hung in our trailer home, our apartment and now here in our house. It was hung on one wall here, now the opposite.

The signature on the painting is impossible to read. I believe it was painted in the "drip" style. I do not know if it is a specific bridge or a random one. One of my friends said she thought it was the Golden Gate Bridge, but I think it is more like the Brooklyn or Queensborough. A couple of the buildings may even be the Twin Towers.

This is not a mere painting, though. Oh no. this painting has a little something extra -- LIGHTS!!! Yes, there are little colored lights scattered throughout the buildings. It is the only picture of its kind I saw for a long time. Several years ago they started making lighted pictures again, but they were a lot more sophisticated. I like my vintage one just fine.

Has anyone else ever seen a painting like this??


Anonymous said...

it's not the golden gate bridge which has only 2 towers

Robyn :) said...

Thank you!!! I was pretty sure it wasn't :)