Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday 2010

This one was successful, yet cold.

I went over to Walmart in JC at midnight to get some fleece pajama bottoms on sale. Poeple were lining the aisles for housewares, linens and toys and such. Unfortunately, the only pajama bottoms I found that I liked(Mickey Mouse heads) were not on sale(though cheap). I didn't buy anything.

I went home and took like a 2 hour nap. Then it was up at 3 to go to Manhattan to Target, which opened at 4. I got there 30 minutes early and the line was starting to curve around the parking lot. I decided to stand in it. I didn't know if the pillows I wanted would be a hot ticket item or not. Well, I also did not realize just how cold it was outside (in the teens). I should have worn long johns under my jeans. I had on a sweatshirt(with a hood) and heavy coat, though. And gloves, but they were no match for the cold. I thought about giving up and going back to my car and driving to Walmart to wait for a printer, but I did not want to do the walk of shame to my car. Well, I made it!!

When I got inside I headed for housewares by way of the pajama section. Saw a bin with $5 fleece pajama bottoms. The had pink ones with snowflakes so I found my size.

I then noticed that the pillows were in a bin right next to them!! I grabbed a couple after testing their softness and headed to the checkout. No lines yet so i was in and out of the store in 5 minutes!!! The big ticket item was a TV. I asked someone how long they stood in line for it and she said since one so 3 hours!! At least along the side with the stores it was warmer because the wind was blocked!!

There were also some people trying to line jump. Apparently one lady made it. For others, the line would yell at them and security kept them back. They formed a second line. Those were the people who either waited in their cars or had just shown up.

My next stop was Walmart. I found a parking spot on the side with the groceries and as luck would have it that was where the printers were!! I got there about 4:15 am and the sale started at 5am. I asked where the line was, but there were only 2 people sitting next to them at that time waiting(the lines were forming for TVs) so i staked out a spot next to them as well!! More people showed up in the 45 minutes. there were like 100 printers. So at 5am I got one for the price of $20!!! I also bought paper for it :)

Next I headed over to the mall. First I went to JCPenney's and got a free snowglobe

Then I read their sales flyer as it was not in my paper. Some bath rugs looked promising. I decided to look on my way out. I went down to Sears and got a movie for my husband. The sales people there did not know where things were. I almost did not get that and I never did find the holiday door mats. I did find the $10 comforters but they were very thin and did not have a king.

Next I walked down to Hallmark, but they were not open. I went to Mrs. Powells for a cinnamon twist and Pepsi. Tried Hallmark again, but they were still closed. I ended at JCPenney's. The bathmats did not really match my bathroom and the size I wanted was more than I wanted to spend. I did end up finding a little something else there for someone special. 60% off.

I then went to Joann's and found the sewing machine I want there(they even had one out of the box and it is even easier to use than I thought!!). I also bought filling for pillows.

Next I went over to Hyvee to get K-State shirts for my father in-law and his girlfriend. I only got hers because they did not have his size. Then I went over to Hastings and waited in the cafe for the store to open at 8am. I got good deals on CD's and a movie for my husband :) Then I went to Hobby Lobby, which also opened at 8) and got material for my aunt's present and a puzzle for my sister-in-law.

After that I was DONE. The haul was good and under $100.00

Today, TJ and I went back to Manhattan. I had to return and pick up library books. I showed him the sewing machine I want at JoAnn's. Then we went to walmart for "ideas". I forgot to look for the sewing machine there. Did find another idea for a present for TJ(Cabela's hunting game). I bought a pine scented candle and holiday Coke and discovered a $10.00 bill in my purse!! Then we went to the mall to get my father-in-law's present and we had lunch at Sbarro's. I then remembered I had a coupon for Hallmark so we went down there and I got the last of the Christmas presents for family and friends :) That's right. I am done, except for TJ and he is done except for me :)

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