Thursday, November 11, 2010

Buns In The Oven

Not my oven!! LOL. And I should say biscuits as in "just because a cat has kittens in the oven, dont make em biscuits!!" I heard this on the show Frasier years ago and it has always cracked me up. That is probably why this cracks me up so much....

Anyway, I found out yesterday that the sweet, yet very naughty little girl from next door is having kittens next month!! She is normally an inside cat, formally a barn cat, but one day she got out and ran up a tree and wouldn't come down. My neighbor found her under a neighbor's bush 2 days later with the wannabee-hobo/delinquent cats(they have homes, they act like they don't) cornering her. Apparently one of them had already gotten to her. Or both. Can't wait to see what the kittens look like!!

I am so excited. I LOVE kittens. Especially when I can play with them and love them everyday, but they are not my responsibility LOL!! They should be weaned in time for Valentine's day so hopefully they will find homes quickly.

Maybe we will get a little sister for scout he he.

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