Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Letter 2010

Here is a sneak peek of this year's Christmas letter that I will be sending out with my cards. I also have the card designed, but will be showing a peek at that another time :)

Robyn’s Annual Christmas Letter

Robyn -- became a blond, went to Boston, California(3 times) and Kansas City, spent
another year at Lincoln Elementary, adopted my mom’s Buick and made my first
Thanksgiving dinner.

TJ -- went to NTC in California, got a new bike, didn’t deploy and insists on
having a moustache

We -- Drove from CA to KS in a Uhaul, traded our vehicles for a big Blue Dodge Ram
4x4, saw Joel McHale, got a new printer for $20 and rode in the JC Christmas

Scout -- went outside, learned to take walks on a leash, got stuck in the couch,
cuddled with Mama, annoyed Daddy and is the craziest cutest cat ever.

Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen -- Let’s not go there.

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