Sunday, November 7, 2010

Christmas Spirit

Sometimes the Christmas spirit comes right on time, showing up the day after Thanksgiving after I have participated in Black Friday and had a nap. Then I start breaking out the decorations. I have also been known to maybe get a few things out on Thanksgiving itself. Last year I spent Thanksgiving with my cousin, Claudia, and after we finished dinner and washed the dishes she started putting her fall decorations away and broke out the Christmas stuff!!
(I helped put the tree on the left together)

Sometimes I have to go a little into December to start feeling the magic

And other times it takes quite awhile, maybe right up until the weeks or mere days before Christmas for it to come

Then there are years like this one, where it comes not after Thanksgiving, not the weekend of Thanksgiving, not even right before, but instead it comes...........BEFORE HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!

I know. Crazy. I blame Hobby Lobby. I went in there to look at Halloween stuff a few weeks ago and all their Christmas stuff was out. And I caught it...Christmas Spirit. As I was taking my Halloween stuff down I was thinking it would be nice to put the Christmas lights up. (Un)Fortunately I am not quite sure which tub they are in. Then I thought about putting just a few things out(stuff that has not found it's way into a tub and is in bags or boxes in the storage shed). This is still a possibility. Then I had a flash of inspiration. Put the Christmas Angels out before November 15 in honor of the anniversary of my mom's death. On the bookcase she always put them out on. Brilliant. A nice tribute to her and an excuse to put up some Christmas stuff.

I have also been making other plans. The diningroom is going to have a solely food and candy theme. My vintage aluminum tree is only going to have collector and sentimental ball ornaments on it this year. Since I collected all my blue stuff last year for a blue Christmas this year(because we expected TJ to be deployed) I am thinking of putting all that stuff in our bedroom(since the colors are green and blue). When I put everything away after this year it will be one tub per room so it is better organized.

I have also begun looking for Christmas blogs to read during the season to get inspired and maybe some websites.

If you can recommend any sites or blogs, please do.

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