Friday, November 5, 2010

I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do

Day 18 is My Wedding.

My Wedding was on July 3, 2006. It was originally supposed to be the previous November but thanks to some very creative and elaborate lying and incredible powers of persuasion(using said lies), we postponed it.

In order to combat any more resistance or inconvenience it may cause the US Army, I scheduled it on a Monday, right before a holiday. I figured it wouldn't interfere with any training schedules or phony deployment dates. Unfortunately, after scheduling this day block leave ended up being in June so the unit was still inconvenienced with the week TJ would be missing(even though four of those days were a holiday). At this point I could care less.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to get married on a Monday and that most people would have that day off since 4th of July was the next day. It didn't really work out that way, but we had a good little crowd anyway.

I planned EVERYTHING myself, except the ceremony. I bought my dress on Ebay, ordered food from Publix Grocery, and decorated(I made all the favors and centerpieces myself) with the help of my friends. My best friend's mom and niece made the cake(which was absolutely beautiful) and the groom's cake(a southern tradition -- we did an army theme). Our colors were royal blue and rose pink(our favorite colors). My mom financed the reception.

The wedding was at 11 am. Our nephew was the ring bearer, TJ's brother in law was the best man and his sister was my matron of honor. My best friend, Bonnie was the honorary maid of honor, but couldn't be there. The music got a bit mixed up. not sure what they played when the others walked down, but I walked down to "Praise to the Lord" and then "We Gather Together" was played(we also played this at my mom's funeral. I really love that song). My aunt said the Lord's prayer to answer. My ward bishop, Bishop Scott, officiated. The ceremony was about 5 minutes. My friend Kim gave the closing prayer.

After we took a few pictures then had the reception. Our first dance was to a little known Abba song called "I've Been Waiting For You". Then we danced to the more known "I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do". We then went into Dancing Queen and other party songs. TJ's dad's girlfriend caught the bouquet.

I deleted the pictures from my computer and am too lazy to go look for the disk.

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