Monday, November 1, 2010

My Dream House

Day 15(I am half way done!!) is my dream house. Where to start?

Growing up I always wished I had a two story house. After living in a tri-level I do not want any stairs unless they lead to a basement!!

So, to start with, my dream house needs a basement. Because I intend to live in Kansas. Preferably in Junction City, but Milford is okay too.

It needs a nice good size livingroom/den. I do not want both. If we have a separate den it will be what is popularly known as the "man cave". I also would not mind an open floor plan where the livingroom, dining area and kitchen are all one. But even more, I would love to have an eat-in kitchen, no diningroom. A kitchen with lots of counter space(maybe an island)a dishwasher and room for a dining table. The kitchen would be yellow(or red). The livingroom would have blue, cat hair resistant carpet :) And built-in shelves. I would like the dining area to have built-in shelves too. I want a big walk in pantry in the kitchen.

I would like at least 3 bedrooms , maybe 4. One master, one for a child and one guest. I would also like a craft room or nook. If we have a man-cave the guest room can double as a craft room. If not, the guest room would have TJ's army stuff.

1 want one or 2 bathrooms. If one it should be big and have a BIG tub. It can double as a shower or there can be a separate one. I also want double(maybe triple!!) sinks. I also want a separate laundry room or laundry closet.

I would like a 2 car garage with extra room for a motorcycle and workshop for TJ. I kinda want a detached garage, kinda don't. if not enough room for a workspace I want a workshed :) Or motorcycle shed. Somewhere I want a storage room or extra storage space.

For the outside I want a big porch in front. In back I want a big backyard with a covered patio. Maybe a hot tub. In the summer we can put up a pool. It also needs to be fenced in so we can have a dog. And instead of real grass I want really high quality astro-turf.

What is your dream house?

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