Friday, November 12, 2010

Now Appearing: Frosty and Santa !!!!!

Today my storage shed was opened and Frosty and Santa made their Grand Entrance onto my porch

Unfortunately Frosty needs a new bulb before he glows like Santa.

Frosty and Santa were purchased at the Post Wide garage sales back in September. I found Frosty first and paid $3.00 for him. Later I spotted Santa and he was $5. Sound investments, I think.

Santa looks especially becoming at night

But he overshadows Frosty

I will need to get Frosty a new bulb SOON.

Along with Frosty and Santa, a little special something else showed up today, or rather this evening

SNOW!!!!!!!! The first snowfall of the season

Santa looks ablaze with delight

This is my Buick's first snow.

Wait 'til she has to drive in it!!!

It even makes my recycle bin look pretty.


I am even more ready for the Christmas season to begin now.

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