Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oh Yeah, Thanksgiving Comes First

Even though I already have been planning for Christmas, I actually do have Thanksgiving plans too. And not all the decorations are up.

For the first time ever, I am planning on cooking Thanksgiving Dinner. Maybe. Usually we get invited somehwre, but I am not sure that will happen this year so I have a plan for our own dinner.

I will attempt to cook a turkey. A small one, mind you. I would love to make a Turduckin, but I figured I better start small and practice first. With just a turkey. A friend told me how she makes hers and it sounds yummy.

I also got my cousin's recipe for mashed potatoes, which you can even make the day before!! If we do get invited somewhere, this is what I will bring. Along with the can shaped cranberry mold. I am looking for a good and easy stuffing recipe, but may just go with Mrs. Cubison's in the box.

I am debating making a green bean casserole. But I will have a cranberry sauce mold in the shape of a can. Not too sure about sweet potatoes(if I do there will be marshmallows involved!!), but definitely will have biscuits or crecsent rolls. And pies. A fruit pie for me and pumpkin ONLY if TJ wants it.

I will also be buying a paper on Thanksgiving to get the ads for Friday. Black Friday that is!!

Of course I will be participating in Black Friday. This year we want a printer. I will see what else is being offered cheap. I will be employing last year's strategy of cutting out what I want and taping it to a paper with the store name and opening time. I plan to put lights up on Friday, too(if they are not already out he he). Friday night we will be in the JC Christmas parade.

Saturday after Thanksgiving is only tentatively planned. There are 2 plans. Plan A is that I will decorate all day. Plan B is that we will travel to Topeka for the State Championship Football game. Oh yes, my friends, The Blue Jays are in the playoffs and headed that way!! They won their first play off, only 2 more to go.

If anyone has a good stuffing recipe to share, please let me know!!

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Suldog said...

I'm more than happy to share a decent but simple stuffing recipe. I love Thanksgiving.

Suldog's Simple Stuffing

2 large loaves white bread
(something with a bit of body - NOT Wonder Bread.)
1 jar Aunt Nellie's pearl onions
2 celery stalks
Bell's seasoning

Take the loaves of bread and dice in large cubes. Pour juice from onions into bread, and moosh it around with your fingers until all bread is moist. Take a handful of the onions themselves, and crush them into the bread mixture. You want to leave a bit of texture, but no whole onions. Next, trim the leaves and whatnot from the celery, then make four or five lengthwise cuts in each stalk, then chop them about an 1/8 of an inch thick. Add to the bread mixture, using your own best judgment as to how much of the celery to actually add from what you've chopped. Finally, dump in about a half box of the Bell's seasoning, making sure to thoroughly mix all ingredients. Make sure the turkey is cleaned inside - flush with good cold running water - then add the stuffing. Cook with the bird and spoon out when done!

(A good test, before putting the stuffing the bird, is to take a little dollop of the mixture and cook in a frying pan with a slight bit of butter. Then taste that. If it tastes OK, so will the stuffing after cooking the bird. Adjust ingredients as necessary for taste.)